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Game play, coins, dueling

#1 Culturalenigma
I'm New to this gameplay and am having an it if trouble figuring it out. 

1) for some reason the search feature here on the forum won't work for me so I apologize if this has been addressed.

2) coins: how do you get them?

3) dueling, I'm completely lost. I have two motions I see on the screen but when to use them is questionable. I lose every time so I must be doing something incorrect.

4) the game needs some kind of quick tut in the beginning. Like one or two screens even.
#2 Tereza Kulovaná
You get coins for defeating monsters and wining duels. Also from selling stuff from your inventory.
There is currently bug with random loses and devs are working on it. Sadly, currently it still happens from time to time. But - what to do: At first you need to have your spells added to your spell deck. Each spell uses certain amount of slots (1-5). Magic missile needs 2 slots and you have 5 slots per turn, so you can fit there 2 Magic missiles and one other spell, for example basic healing spell takes 1 slot. Another think, each spell has certain amount of "overheat". When you cast some spells too often, your wand gets overheated and you have to stop casting more glyphs. So, choose your deck wisely, when the time is running, cast as many spells as needed Smile
There will be tutorial, but currently is suspended, because it isn't up to date. It would take great amount of time to rework it for every single version, so devs put it away for a moment. But it will be back!
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