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Trading from Far Away

#1 Eru
I know trading will be implemented, but the players will prooobably have to be right next to me. Sometimes you, who live in, say, Japan, may want to trade with your friend who lives in the U.S. Maybe you find someone in the forums trading an item you want for one you have, but you live far away. The trade would, then, be impossible. If you live in a rural area, for example... Ouch! (Also, I'm hoping you'll be able to trade gold for items, but yeaaa maybe it's just item for item... That would be pretty meh though Confused ) 

To avoid this, you should be able to trade with players far away... But in this world of magic, nothing is for free!

I have two ideas here. 

First idea, a gold fee. If it's less than 10km, you will have to pay 50 gold. 10km to 250km, 100 gold. 250km to 2000km, 250 gold. Anything over 2000km should be 500 gold.

Both players would pay this fee.

What if the player doesn't want to disclose his location compared to the other user, though?

There would be an option (only changeable once every 2 months, to prevent exploiting. Default is ON.) so the player would have to always pay 300 gold, no matter the distance.

If one player has this and the other doesn't, both players would have to pay the 300 gold, even if one is on and the other isn't, or else the option to not disclose the location would be pointless.

Second idea, the further away from each other the more time. If it's less than 10km, you will have to wait 3 minutes. 10km to 250km, 1 hour. 250km to 2000km, 5 hours. Anything over 2000km should take 20 hours.

This would be harder to make private, though, since the difference between 3 minutes and 20 hours is huge, because... Time is kind of worthless...

What if you could use gold to speed it up and get your part of the trade faster? Dunno, maybe 1 gold = 2.5 minutes?


Just like pretty much everything in the game, there should be levels for trading, the amount of how much XP you get depending on from how far you trade or how valuable the items you're trading are. They would make the trade faster, make the gold fee cheaper or more minutes per gold*.

* -> The default values I said here would have to be nerfed, though, mainly the minutes per gold when paying to speed up trade.

Thanks for reading, have a good day/night!
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