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TROLL!!!! - Memnoich - 12-01-2016

In the game,
Thought you aught ta know *Faint*
[Image: PXQiOxq.png]

You can complete the Troll Quest, However, I tried it twice to confirm, when battling a troll, it doesn't know when to give up, after defeat, it keeps fighting:
[Image: Qi0992e.png]

RE: TROLL!!!! - Oyjord - 12-01-2016

Very cool, thanks for sharing. I just noticed another monster on my radar that I've never seen before, as well as my now having 220 HPs. Looks like the team has made some server-side changes. Nice!

RE: TROLL!!!! - Cory Wiley - 12-01-2016

Same battle issue happens with the Trent

RE: TROLL!!!! - Memnoich - 12-01-2016

did the treant replace all the creatures in your area, looking around, all I have right now are trolls.

so 35 gold and looks like 12 sandlewood for defeating the Lean Troll.

RE: TROLL!!!! - Cory Wiley - 12-01-2016

So far I only see Trent by I am at work and not at home where I usually see pixies and the goblin things.

RE: TROLL!!!! - Memnoich - 12-01-2016

Same, going to look around at lunch and see if there are others, or if there is a boundry, etc..

RE: TROLL!!!! - Azora - 12-01-2016

Not sure if any of you guys have issue with the battle of the treant, but after round one the battle crashes. As unin round 2 non of my spells register

RE: TROLL!!!! - Josh Hayes - 12-01-2016

Where did you find your troll I can't find any

RE: TROLL!!!! - Memnoich - 12-02-2016

It's all I can find at the moment.

RE: TROLL!!!! - Oyjord - 12-04-2016

For the record, I still see only treants, no pixies or gremlins or trolls, etc.