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Spammers - zatokar - 02-06-2017

Hello guys, 

as you probably already know, in the past couple of weeks, we were attacked by Korean spammers. We have implemented Captchas at registration, and while it has helped some, it hasn't really made a visible difference. Now, we've decided to add a plugin that will ask you to confirm any forum post with a captcha. It will be annoying but once certain criteria are met, you will no longer have to do it. Please do not try to guess what criteria are Smile

We'll keep an eye on it and in case it happens again, we'll deal with it ASAP.

RE: Spammers - Memnoich - 02-06-2017

Thank you for your work on trying to keep our forums clear of the junk. I'm glad this game has Devs like you that really do care about the users.

RE: Spammers - Idencation - 02-06-2017

Thank you so much!

RE: Spammers - zatokar - 02-07-2017

We were attacked once again so we had to increase the security. It will be a little annoying to type in the captcha every time you want to make a post, but it's a fair trade off. We'll keep monitoring it.

RE: Spammers - Lilithian - 02-09-2017

[Image: 0hOZOCj.png]
Sad damn them

RE: Spammers - Memnoich - 02-09-2017

yeah,t hey came out in full force last night.

RE: Spammers - zatokar - 02-13-2017

I cleaned it up now after we came from the trip. I have enabled all kinds of precautions which didn't make any difference. I will look for a solution and meanwhile I'll ban them and clean it manually.

RE: Spammers - XARDAS - 02-13-2017

'Glad to hear you guys are back (and taking care of those jerks). 'Hope you all safely returned and doing well.

RE: Spammers - zatokar - 02-14-2017

I promise tomorrow I dedicate couple of hours to solve this issue.

RE: Spammers - zatokar - 02-16-2017

Added one more security layer, lets see if that helps.