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Story Board: High Moon Brotherhood

#21 Cosmang
Good Job
Mischief Managed

Smart as Hell

Lets be wizards! a film directed, starring and produced by Cosmang. Out in December 2016!
#22 Doculos
Here's something, it's a little on the long side.

There was a pittering outside the window as rain descended onto the night. “I hate working on nights like this….” Gareth thought to himself, taking comfort in the knowledge that at least his tracks would be easier to cover. Gareth flipped his hood up and grabbed his spell book as he entered the night. “Working the night shift” was one of the reasons why Gareth took this job, thinking the extra money could help to pay for some College books, or maybe an extra video game or two, not that he would have had the time to play them anyway. All of those concerns seem like they happened to someone else, and not the man standing under an awning watching as the cars drove by on the street. “So much for making it look like a fire tonight, it looks like it’s going to get even worse, grrrr” Gareth said to himself as he checked the weather on his phone. He gathered up his resolve and pulled down his hood to start on his trek into the night’s work.

Tonight’s menu featured a merchant of sorts. This ‘merchant’ sold items that were hard to find, so hard to find you probably didn’t even know they existed. You might have walked right by them and never even noticed they were there, don’t feel bad...most people don’t. Hell, I’ve been at this a couple of years and still have trouble finding some of these things, but tell me when was the last time you noticed Unicorn hair in a meadow between the blades of grass? This guy, Solenal, noticed them all the time, and loads of other things. “Solenal’s Solutions & Solvents” is what the sign said in front of what looked like a run down liquor store as Gareth approached the shop. “More like Solenal’s Sloppy bad Slobber” Gareth chuckled to himself. Gareth went in and noticed it was a liquor store after all. He walks over to one of the coolers and grabs some beer, he notices a man standing in the back rummaging through useless junk on the shelves.

Solenal had started out as an ok apothecary. He didn’t make too much fuss about his works, and usually sold some good potions, hell sometimes they were even great. He started to get greedy though, once he saw how much the market had grown. He started to cut those rare ingredients that he had such a knack of finding with other stuff. Who knows what it was, it could have been Lima beans for all I know. What I do know is that mixing the potions the way he was...was making them weaker. Much weaker, but he was still charging his regular prices and not even telling people they were weaker. With potions it’s all just a bunch of mumbo jumbo in a fancy bottle and you kind of have to hope for the best. However, this little ladybug had managed to sell to the brother of a very important person, a very important person with a lot of money. So naturally a young wizzard starting out needs to boost themselves with some potions if they want to make it out there, especially against Trolls. You see where this is going right? Young dumb brother thinks he’s sooo empowered he can take on a Troll, only to find out he was wrong, only a lot more wrong a lot sooner than he was expecting. Dumb idiot is still alive, although on a night like tonight with all this rain I bet he wishes he weren’t.

Gareth goes to the clerk standing behind bullet proof glass. Gareth places the beer into this little box that can only open on one side at a time. He notices that the glass is protected like some kind of magic shield. “Clever, but it’s still not going to help you” Gareth mutters under his breath. A wand slides from his sleeve into his hand. Holding it down and outside of the view of the attendant, Gareth starts to inscribe a glif onto the wall of the safe space for the cashier. A green cloud of poison starts to appear inside of the sealed off area. Gareth holds the little door where his beer is shut with one hand while aiming his wand at the clerks surprised face with the other. “Open the door now or I leave you in there!” Garreth shouts as he very slightly draws another gliff into the air before the clerks face. Solenal begins to choke, he can feel the tendrils of death creeping down his throat.

Panic begins to cover Solenal’s face like way to much cheap green makeup. Solenal chokes again as he fumbles for the door and opens it. The poison cloud follows him out of the booth and into the store, but seems to stay just around Solenal. Gareth covers his mouth with an arm as he moves into the cramped little booth that smells of old farts and onions. He opens the register and takes the money out, moving out of the foul smelling little coffin of a place. Gareth walks over to the cooler and grabs another six pack of beer. Solenal covered in his own little fart cloud of green gas looks up to the man who has just robbed him. Puzzlement now replaces the panic, perhaps he left the oven on, perhaps he never told his son he loved him. “The high moon has come to eclipse your deeds” Gareth says as he walks around the dying man and again out into the rain. Solenal tries to choke again, but this time he just falls over and the cloud dissipates. The man who had been hiding in the back rushes over to Solenal, and almost touches him then recoils. He runs to the door and then stops himself 10 seconds too late. The door is open, and outside in the rain on the well lit boulevard all he sees are the headlights of traffic driving by.
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