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WB - Cases from the Wizarding World
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Big news - not so good for Maguss (doesn't change anything though)

#21 Cosmang
^good idea, because companies being who they are will surely copy the idea of Maguss and then copywright it...
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#22 Starius
My honest opinion here. Even if Harry Potter was a spiritual inspiration to Maguss, I feel that you are far better off as you are creating your own IP instead of being limited by the constraints of an existing one. Having a pre-existing fan base at first could be a big starter boost, but hard to hang on to in the long run as they all have preconceived (often conflicting) notions of what the game should be like.

Maguss is something original, and has the freedom to explore it's originality because it is both new and created by a smaller yet more versatile team. I say "versatile" in that you are very much open to fan ideas and concerns - from what I've seen so far.

That originality and creative innovation is what will hold the players in the long term, not big development bucks or a preexisting IP.

Look at Pokémon Go, for example. Yes, they got big FAST due to a fun concept and a IP with a big fan base. But they're already showing signs of player drop off from that initial surge. Part of this is due to the fact that they're trying to make the game be played in a very specific way when many players are trying or wanting to play it differently. Rules for industrial design proved long ago that you design things to be used the way people naturally want to use hem, or they'll eventually stop using it - especially when something better comes along.
#23 Mench
Seriously, don´t worry about it, all of the HP games have been pretty trashy and an insult to all the potterheads who know the HP world from the books.

I must confess I got really excited about maguss because it kind of looks like HP but it is far more original to create a new world full of features than just copy a highly probably crappy money making film.

Worst case scenario, people will play this WB-HP game for a week then go back to maguss.
#24 Rmack
Yeah nothing to be too worried about just yet. If anything they may have some elements and you may have inspired them.
#25 QuantumSnow
I can only agree with everything that's been written here. This WB game looks like a casual game while Maguss is more of a long lasting and expandable universe, bearing much more possibilities. But I will download it just to see how it is. It might be good in what it aims for, but it just aims for something different than Maguss.
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#26 zatokar
I agree with all of you. Thanks for the support! See ya around Wink
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#27 Shadow
well both are completely different games so there isnt really much in terms of competition
#28 Luneo
Maguss > Fantastic Beast
#29 Darkfae
If those leaked screencaps are legitimate, it's definitely not ARG, and one of those search and find puzzle games primarily. It won't be a huge issue, and won't really last long beyond hyping for the new film, which is likely it's primary function. They're not likely to expand it much, and I would guess the spell casting feature was added as an afterthought, really - most of it seems to revolve around the search and find stuff, not the spell casting.

Really, a momentary distraction for anyone who is super into Harry Potter, if that - a lot of people really don't like those kind of games.
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#30 zatokar
(10-29-2016, 04:09 AM)Shadow Wrote: well both are completely different games so there isnt really much in terms of competition

Yes, at the time of their announcement it wasn't so clear as it is now.
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