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WB - Cases from the Wizarding World
I will play both
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Big news - not so good for Maguss (doesn't change anything though)

#31 Vndetta
I just tried WB that game is lame. :/
#32 Manaricelle
I'm not fond of the hidden objects games...no fun at all. So virtually...No Competition hahaha!
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#33 Dylan Michael-Allen Thomas
I dont think cases is gonna be a competitor. Its an item finder, not an ARMMO, like Maguss. We'll keep the hype train rollin, Zatokar Smile i got your back. This game deserves fame.
#34 BlkSabbath74
(10-18-2016, 07:45 PM)Neem Amaro Wrote: I will not lie, maybe I'll download the Warner version to see what it is, for now i just read about in a website. For being a Potterhead, I will not miss this game too. But view of the current enthusiasm that I see in my country about the Fantastic Beasts movie, I think this game will not be very interesting compared to Maguss.
This is just a publicity for the film among many others that will soon follow.
But no worries, your project is much more interesting than a game created just to make money on the backs of the fans.

Yes, with very few exceptions, the stuff they crank out to support movies is garbage.

I realize that Maguss draws a lot from Harry Potter, but it can also go so much further, and you have so many other venues to draw from in Print, Film, Television and Gaming.

Off the top of my head, I know there are a ton of old Mage players from White Wolf's World of Darkness who loved to play tabletop or Live Action back in the day, but just don't have the time to play those venues anymore, if they can even find them. For those of us, Maguss is an ideal way to roleplay a modern Mage on our own schedule, and hopefully meet some new people.

Similarly, you have tons of old Computer or Console gamers who maybe don't have the time to sink into a huge video game anymore, but would be able to play something that they were able to play in real life.

There are all sorts of directions that Maguss can go in to reach different fandoms, many of which will fall in love with Maguss. This game concept is solid gold, in my opinion.
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#35 Lamino
(10-18-2016, 07:11 PM)zatokar Wrote: snip
Before I saw this, I saw that. 

But hey, this would be more awesome, the world of unique Maguss, so I wouldn't worry too much on that. c:
Keep doing what you love!
#36 Vallerimos
I think that the Pottterheads game will be one of those find the items search games like the NCIS or Blacklist games not a great sales idea seeing there are so many hidden objects game.
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#37 RAHilliard
I've just joined the testing, so newbie. But I think the potential for Maguss is amazing and will easily differentiate itself from any HP centric game. The HP game will have limitations by its very nature. It must comply with the HP universe. Not so Maguss, IMO.
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