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General Questions

#1 Maguss

This thread will provide you with an updated list of questions which you ask us most commonly.

If you haven't found an answer to your question in this thread, try a specific thread or post a completely new one.

Don't hesitate. Ask away!

A list of FAQ
(updated regularly)

When will the Wand be available for a preorder and how much will it cost?
A: We are launching an Indiegogo campaign on 10th October. At the same time we will reveal all the rewards and you will be able to preorder the Wand. The mobile game will be free while rewards including a Wand start at $50. Early bird price is planned to be 20% lower. All the rewards, their descriptions and prices will be also announced here on the forum in a specific thread you won't be able to miss.

Q: When will be a beta version available?
A: Currently the project is almost at the end of the development of the first version and getting to the closed alpha stage. Meanwhile, we are starting our Indiegogo campaign on 10th October. The beta version should be available shortly after the campaign ends, aiming for November.

Q: Do I need to have a Wand to play?
A: No. Even if you decide not to buy a Wand, you will be able to enjoy an interesting mobile game with an exciting gameplay and an unique story.

Q: Have you thought about player progression?
A: Absolutely. Most of the known RPG elements were incorporated in to the game. To make it even more interesting, we have added some not-so-common features. As a result we have a uncommon game system with a captivating story.

Q: Will there be any location-based restrictions?
A: As of right now, we can't say for sure. The monster and item positioning algorithm is still a work in progress, therefore it is too soon to say if it will be available in all parts of the world.

Q: Will there be a PvE mode? What else is there to do, other than dueling with your friends and other players?
A: Yes! Dueling aside, we made sure there will be plenty of other immersive things to do. Anything from trying to master numerous professions such as crafting and studying magical runes, through accomplishing quests, trading and collecting herbs and materials, to taming monsters to fight alongside you.

Q: Will the game be freemium? Will money make all the difference?
A: Yes. And absolutely not! The game will be free-to-download and play. For those players who wish to enhance their gaming experience, we have prepared a sophisticated system of in-game purchases. That way they can gain access to exclusive items, spells and much more. On the other hand, we don't advocate a pay-to-win model. There is no way to bribe us. All the money in the world won't guarantee you a success if you won't put enough time into practice of your skills.

Q: Is Maguss a Pokemon Go "rip-off"?
A: Not at all. We have come up with an idea for a game long before there was any mention of Pokemon Go. Let the Kickstarter campaign be the proof.

Do I have to walk around the world to actually play the game?
A: No. You can stay at the comfort of your home and still enjoy it. You won't be able to experience all the game has to offer but main features such as PvP, trading and crafting will be available to you without any restrictions.

Is it a single-player game?
A: No it is not. Maguss is an online game which allows you to play with friends and other players from all around the world. Trade with them, raid a dungeon together or duel each other.
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