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#1 paradiddle218
I purchased the June 1 access bundle on IGG (InDemand7) and am excited to start trying things out. Do we have a time when the keys will be sent tomorrow? Assuming it's just going to whichever email address is registered on the IndieGoGo account?
#2 Maguss
We dont have exact time yet however it will be on June 1st. We will post updates after we send them out. Dont worry Wink
#3 paradiddle218
Fantastic - you've created a wonderful game, and I'm excited about drawing the somatic component of the spells to cast them. Eager to be a part of the community!
#4 Karasu
Mine hit my email around 6:30 CT, but I got one of the within 24hr access when I started, so not sure if it'll be different because of that. Hope this helps!
#5 Vallerimos
Am I the only one climbing the walls waiting in excitement?
We are the defenders that watch the gate in the battle of magic and man, for only our kind walk  both worlds.
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