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#1 Maguss
Hello guys, today, we want to share our 2-month action plan with you(weeks are counted starting from the 12.6):

1. week: on Friday, PVP Leagues and ranking system will be finished, ready to be tested(closed testing shouldn’t take more than a week)
2,3 week: minor bug fixing(game mechanics adjustments, e.g HP regen.) + implementation of new UI
4 week: panel and resource management optimization
5,6 week: major bug fixing - reported bugs will be inspected and based on priority fixed
7 week: implementation of new VFX + preparation of SFX for spells and monsters
8+ week: Territory Wars(new game mechanic)
This is an ideal scenario. We would love to stick to this schedule but we do not guarantee it.
Thank you for your patience and a continuous support. It is immensely appreciated!
In the meantime, check the newest VFX for spells on our FB page!
#2 jhamm
Yes, this is just what I wanted to know from you guys. You're the best at delivering information when people ask for it. Even though I still would like more information about which kind of social features there will be in the future (Friend list, trading, groups, global group and order chat) And when those social features will be added. Also, I guess dungeons is still a plan that's in the far future, but that's okay. You guys can't work on everything at once.

Anyways it looks like a good plan and man that picture on Facebook looks great, I really like the look of that and I think it even adds two of my small requests and suggestions!
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