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#1 Papa_bair
Hey Maguss.

I found this game from an advertisement on Facebook, and I find the premise very interesting.  I have contemplated purchasing the $50 backer, but have been burnt many times on other MMOs and early access gaming. I worry about compatibility mostly. I looked in your forums and devices, but wasn't unable to find information about accessibility for iPad mini 3. I also only have the wifi version, however I do have a Verison jet pack to be able to take mobile. I've had issues with right outside town on the Pokémon go app, but in town (Aberdeen, South Dakota)it hasn't had a problem. The other thing I worry about, is that I don't see Maguss at all in the App Store to even try and download.  What are your thoughts or things I could try, I truly think the idea for this game is great, I'm just worried.
#2 Vendraen
You won't see it in the App Store. On iOS devices, since Maguss is in Closed Alpha, you have to install it via Test Flight; you will get an email explaining this.

I don't know any more specifics as I'm an Android user.
#3 Ediwir
I run the game on both iphone and ipad mini.
It is obviously developed for iphone and not ipad, as sometimes on ipad the screen ends up with wrong proportions (the loading bar is a little off, the 'fight/flee' choice menu lightly overlaps the inventory and so on) but it is playable and usable if you are willing to overlook minor style details.
To download you will need TestFlight and a valid beta invite.
Once you have that, you can download on as many devices as you want.

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#4 Papa_bair
Ediwir, does your iPad mini have phone data, or is it wifi only? If wifi, do you have a hotspot you use? If so, how does the gps work on the mini?
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