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What i would like to happen in Maguss

#1 Xenos
I would like to start by saying I like the concept of Maguss, and I could see this as a precursor to a new genre of mobile games. Mobile MMORPGs, and Maguss could be the start of it all. Great work with the game and I will try to make my points as painless as I can.


I would like to see a rework of how the combat works, I would like the fights to run more like a CCG game. With a limit to the life at 100, as a players level up the have higher chances to locate better materials, and draw better stock from resources, which they will use to create spells. Books will be like decks, spells are like cards, and I was thinking of "scrolls".  The spells will have a level requirement so that players can not get an upper hand early in the game. I will explain more about resources later. I feel like it could benefit the game if it focused more on tactics, over raw numbers, which it feel like now. 


Spells should be craftable, like other things, using material found by exploring or by combat. I also think spells should have grades to them ranging from: weakened, flawed, forced, strong, powerful. Spell damage would work, from a based 100 empowered(EMP),  -40 EMP, -30 EMP, -20 EMP, -10 EMP, 0 EMP. Increasing the grade of a spell can also increase the effect of the spell, such as increased duration, increased in buffs, or debuffs, etc etc.. Also grades would concentration in the same manner. I was also thinking of a  6th grade, Masterful + 10 EMP. Grades are increased by successfully landing spells: 50 times, 150 times, 650 times, 1650 times, 4650 times, 10,000. Or adjusted as needed. Learning to master a spell is part of being a Mage, practicing to be better at the spells you like makes you feel like a student of the mystic arts. There would be offensive, defensive, utility, and recovery. Offensive for any spell that deals damage. Defensive for any spell that mitigates, or absorb damage. Utility that (primary) increase or decrease stats. And recovery for any spells that heals hp, remove debuffs, or reduces overheating. Most spells would be fraction based, with a few neutral spells, I'm thinking a 4:1 ratio.


Overheating would be set at 10 with a recovery at 3 per turn, with most weaker spells costing 2, and increasing in cost the more effective the spell. Making some tactics fill like a high risk - high reward. I also think spell use should be determined by the heat cost, and not given slots.


First, I think players should not be able to choose a fraction until they are level 10, this will give them time with the neutral spells to figure out what they want their play style to be like. Instead of gaining increased life players would get a stat buff every 5 levels. When a Fraction is picked they will get a bonus that is given from choosing a Fraction, and not from gaining level 10. On the 10th (10,20,30, etc etc) level players would get an automatic stat increase based on their Fraction, and every 5th (15, 25, 35 etc etc) level players could pick whatever stat they want to increase. Assuming that the level cap is 100, the most a stat could increase is +20% which I think is fair for a max capped player. However, Crit power should be 5% increase so at max it is 200% base stats. I also think that in crafting there would be Fraction specific items, and other players would only be able to get them through trading.

I would like to see definitive variations in the playstyles of the Fractions, the description, and colors of each fraction reminds me of 4 elements, I do like the idea of element strength and weakness as a side note. I will be doing into detail on what I feel they should play like.


Order of Enthrallment (OOE), would gain increased Empower every 10 levels, with a focus on heavy hits, and armor/shield penetration. They would have spells that increase in damage based upon how high their overheat meter is, making them more dangerous the higher their heat meter is. The weakness of this Fraction is that work on a high-risk factor, their spells can increase heat fast, and if they miss attacks they could exhaust themselves very quickly.


Fellowship of Wizardry (FOW), would gain increased Magic Defense every 10 levels, with a focus on damage absorption, defense, and reflex back damage. They would have spells that do increase damage based upon how much defensive buffs they have. An example would be a spell that increases damage by 5% for every shield buff they player has.  The weakness of this fraction is that they need to set up defenses before they can go on the offensive.


Circle of the Guiled (COG), would gain increased Evasion every 10 levels, with a focus on buffing, evading attacks, and spells that hit multiple times. They would have spells that would allow them to increased evasion for a short time, low-cost spells, and spells that buff they're Empower, crit chance, and concentration. The weakness of this Fraction is that they offensive spell are weaker than most, they have to rely on a bit of luck to avoid from taking serious hits.


Highmoon Brotherhood (HMB), would gain increased Crit Power every 10 levels, with a focus on debuffs, reducing heat, and "finisher" spells. They would have utility spells the poison, reduce empower, reduce concentration, and passively reduce heat. They would also have high heat attacks that do a lot of damage. The weakness of this Fraction is that they rely on the debuffs to dwindle players down, to be able to finish them. Also if they miss a high damage spell them may have to wait while before trying another heavy attack, leaving their opponent time to get the upper hand.


OOE is strongest vs FOW for defense breaking skills. OOE can land hits on COG it can win.  OOE is weakest to HMB, because of HMB can weaken, and reduce the chance of OOE landing risky hits.

FOW is strongest vs COG, for it can outlast them in combat mostly because of COG low spell damage. If FOW plays tactfully it may outlast HBM by predicting when they will use strong spells. It is weakest to OOE having trouble keeping defenses up.

COG is strongest vs HMB, for it can dodge debuffs, and strong attacks, as well as use buffs, to nullify debuffs. As long as it can keep Evasion up it can dodge OOE attacks, or else they will take damage. COF is weakest to FOW, COG may not be able to deal much damage once FOW has many defenses up.

HMB is strongest vs OOW, proventing them from reaching full strength reduces their chances at winning. Against FOW it will be a race to see who can outlast the other. HMB is weakest to COG, COG can prevent HMB from landing spells making them constantly use weaker debuff spells.

All Fraction will have a few spells that help them counter the playstyle of their counterparts. However, these spell will either have high heat, short duration, or only work under specific conditions.


Fraction give team buffs, however, these buffs do not stack, and the do not affect players of the same Fraction. As the player levels up they give passive stat increases every 20 levels (5% increase). OOE gives empower, FOW gives Magic defense, COG gives Evasion, HMB gives Crit chance. This rewards player for teaming up with different fractions. I would be someone lame if all teams where Fraction locked so that only COG players could play together pitting friends against each other because they want to play a different way.


In a GPS game, the big deal is controlling land (IE Pokemon GO, Ingress).  My suggestion is that these "nodes" give buffs to players of the same faction. I had an idea that players could have to feed these nodes to make them neutral, and then control them. Like if player gathers "souls" from fighting creatures and used them to keep the node up, or defend it from rivals. Nodes would give like a 2% buff to all stats, and increase by 2% for every adjacent ally node, up to 10% The goal is that I am trying to make it both beneficial to play with a Fraction and with a mixed group. Making the "nodes" work at slight area buffs can be something a player can decide is worth their time or not.


I thought of scrolls as single use spells added to decks, that refresh after every fight. Scrolls would mimic the spells of other fraction that could give yo an edge depending on who you are fighting. Scrolls crafting are Fraction locked, and can only be obtained through trading. Decks would be 10 spells max, 7 for Perma-spells, 3 for scrolls.


Everything in the game should basically give you resources to craft. Different creatures drop things like fur, scales, hide, and mystic items like souls, or imbued stone. Gathering herbs remains the same. The player could chop trees that take a set amount of time, same with ore veins. Increase levels in Gathering, Lumbering, and Mining reduces the time to gather the resource and/or increase amount or rarity of the resources gathered. Fraction specific gear could have a focus on different resources. Maybe OOE uses a lot of metal, while HMB uses fur and hid, FOW uses wood and mystical items, and COG uses Gems or something. Most Fraction gear would have negative effects, while neutral gear would be weaker, but balanced.


Dungeons should be multi-battle instances following a trail from point A to point B. The harder the dungeon the more battles/distance Players must travel. Chest would contain resources, but also contain blueprints for stronger gear, that can only be made once per blueprint.


I think everything in Maguss needs to feed each other. You use spells to make them stronger by practicing them, you want stronger spells so you can fight stronger monsters, you want stronger monsters so you can get better resources, so you can take on harder dungeons, which will give you rare loot. You want to trade with players so you can tackle different enemies, also to help you fight harder monsters, or help you control more land. If all the elements complete each other, then the game will fill the whole. I know the game is in alpha, so as of right now everything feels likes its not connecting as well as it should/will.

This is what I would like to see happen to Maguss, of course, all IMO.
#2 Memnoich
These are similar to many ideas discussed before, or at least a variation on them. The biggest issue with some of these ideas is it would mean a complete rework of alot of the systems to make it happen. I'm not saying some of these things won't happen, as I  believe some of these, or at least something similar, is what devs have in mind for later, just saying that some of these ideas are cool, they may be too much at this point in the game development. But keep the ideas coming, you never know what might strike a spark and get the dev to add it into the game.
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#3 Maguss
We are always reading your suggestions and there is a lot of changes and new content coming up Smile
#4 BlkSabbath74
What happens in Maguss stays in Maguss...

Seriously though, some good ideas there. I agree with most of it.

I would says that it would make more sense though, for the Highmoon Brotherhood (Stealthers) to be Air and the Circle of the Guiled (Tricksters) to be Water.
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