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#1 Jdaugh84
Ok so I know it's only technically July first for part of the us. But I'm still curious and anxious and excited. When should I expect to see the key emailed? What time zone is the keygiver in lol I can't wait to play this and if it's as awesome as I think it will be, I know at least four others who'll be buying keys.
#2 Axus
I think the same as you, the emotion can, I'm from Argentina and here it is already July 1
#3 colognesibi
Warte auch schon auf den Schlüssel
#4 Capitraine
Yea, i didn't recieve mine too
#5 Thor
Strange, latest by know we should have the keys.
#6 Fatblunt
Yeah still waiting on mine in the uk
#7 Tadashi28DC
I'm waiting for my key, I'm from Brazil.
Testing and helping the Maguss community.
Having a lot of fun playing Maguss! Learning many new spells every day.

#8 colognesibi
kann aber auch sein das der schlüssel am montag erst kommt . bin aus Deutschland
#9 Maguss
Hello, we are based in Europe therefore there might be a slight delay for you. Anyway, we still havent send out the keys. We will do that later today. Don't worry, you will receive it Smile
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