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Might have messed up my email address during purchase?

#1 Vixie
Hi there!

I purchased for myself and 2 others about 12 hours ago. One of the other people got email confirmation last night, I did not, and I'm not sure about the other person. 

If I entered my email address incorrectly (I did not have an indiegogo account and purchased as a guest), is there a way to fix this? I can give you the names and address and everything for the 3 orders to prove it was me hahaha.

Thanks in advance for your help!


PS -- I'm SUPER excited about this game!!! <3

Just confirmed -- the 2nd person has not received any emails either. =(
#2 Tsev92
I too have this issue! I have opened up a support ticket ok indiegogo too. Hopefully I get an answer from someone soon
#3 Tereza Kulovaná
Send devs private message here, on FB or by email. Send proof it was you (paypal, transaction history). They will be able to solve it, I bet this isn't the first time it happend.
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