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Players Helping Out - World & Monster Lore

#1 Hospital
Hello All!

This is my first post so I apologize if I haven't quite gotten the forum culture yet or if this is the wrong section. I'm pretty new to Maguss only having learned about it and playing for the last few days. I just hit Tier 2 on most things and am absolutely loving it but I wanted to ask, and possibly propose something if the creators were wiling, is anyone else encountering blanks?

One of my favorite parts of any game is the lore and I think Maguss has the potential to have some fantastic lore but a lot of it is missing so far. Since this is the Challenge Yourself section I wanted to propose that maybe the players could work together to create some text entries for the entities and herbs in this world that maybe the devs could use or draw inspiration from. For my two cents my academic background is cultural anthropology and I'm actually working on a book series about urban legends so I have plenty of ideas for some of these creatures. For example:

"Originally described by Arabian scholars during the eleventh century, our understanding of these enigmatic beasts remains limited. Although humanoid and highly intelligent they are also capricious funerary cannibals prone to violence with their preternatural strength and agility. Equipped with boney claws and advanced magics garnered over their long lifespans they do not shy away from hunting down still breathing prey, including foolhardy mages, who wander into their habitat. Traditionally found in graveyards increasingly they may be encountered in sewers, mine shafts, or other dark isolated places like basements in abandoned homes. Some theories suggest that these entities were in fact once humans now permanently corrupted by the dark arts. Whatever their origin, the Ghoul is a creature of moderate concern that is capable of proving a challenge to an inexperienced or unprepared wizard because they utilize leeching abilities to restore their own health while also attacking vigorous with their claws.”

If anyone is interested I'd be happy to come up with a few others and I'd love to read some from others! I'd really love to see detailed entries on all the monsters in the game with lore being a drop/item that works like recipes as a reward for slaying "n" of a particular type of monster (if you are unfamiliar with the concept look into the Secret World MMORPG which uses a similar system to give you info about the world).
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