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Dueling and Magic Dust Leaderboard Rewards

#1 BlkSabbath74
Dueling and Magic Dust Leaderboard Rewards

I read the Facebook Post, and agree that two forms of currency is probably plenty. I also understand the need for premium sales (you guys have to stay in business in order to continue bringing us this fantastic game).

However, instead of its own currency for Dueling, maybe there could be scaled rewards for Dueling and placing on the leaderboard. This would continue to keep the leaderboards competative and rewarding, at every level, from elite down to the rank and file players.

Here would be my suggestion for scaled rewards for Magic Dust, based on Leaderboard Placement.
-1st Place - 50 Magic Dust
-2nd Place - 25 Magic Dust
-3rd Place - 15 Magic Dust
-Place in top 10%- 10 Magic Dust
-Place in top 25%- 5 Magic Dust
-Place in top 50%- 3 Magic Dust
-Place in top 75%- 2 Magic Dust
-Place in top 100%- 1 Magic Dust (Participation Award)
To keep them from being too much, instead of daily rewards, these could be divided into ongoing tournaments, which would last for several days, (maybe a week on average?) and maybe have different themes or additional rewards.

This would make it very rewarding to be at the top, but also rewarding for mid-range duelists, and worthwhile for casual players to participate in at least one duel tournament, making it not so exclusive and a valuable experience from top to bottom.

Just my two cents.
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