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Expansions (World Keys and Monster Expansions, ect)

#1 BlkSabbath74
I read the recent Facebook post, and was very intrigued by the idea of premium Monster Expansions.
However, I think I have a suggestion to take that even further, based on this post;

In addition to purchasing packages that expand the monsters, how about purchasing World Keys that open portals to other worlds?

The Keys could be one-use premium items purchased with Magic Dust, and could open temporary portals to different worlds. When used, the Key would be consumed and create a temporary Point of Interest, which anyone in the area could use to pass into that world. The Point of Interest would be on a timer (several hours) and when it expired, it would disapear and those who passed through it would be returned to the normal world.

Monsters in the normal world could then be left at a basic level. Players would still be able to fight monsters for XP, but to find more challenging Monsters which offered higher XP rewards, they would need to enter Dungeons of the Underworld or use these World Keys to enter different worlds.

Here are the advantages of this concept;

- Creates Community - Players can use keys in public areas, and therefore create spontaneous events in the form of gatherings of other players in their area, engendering community.

- Multi-Player - While not a true multi-player/party function, this does create a natural multi-player environment in which players would have reason to meet and travel to new worlds together.

- Ongoing Revenue - Creates a continuing source of revenue for Maguss, as player purchase reasonably priced but consumable World Keys.

- New Worlds could be introduced as developed, tied into Global Events. You could introduce a new World every quarter/half-year, ect., as able to be developed. This could be tied in with a Global Plot, a new premium Monster package, new game mechanics, and new premium/gold purchasable items that are tied to these mechanics, to include new spells, potions or equipment.

- Endless Worlds - There are literally an endless number of ideas for alternate worlds. I can think of enough off the top of my head to introduce a new one every quarter for the next ten years. This would keep older players engaged by always offering new experiences.

- Worlds could be expressed using alternate color schemes (see above link) with very little need for additional development or data (with the exception of specialized Map Icons and New Monsters).


Just something to think about, but I think this could really make Maguss successful long-term without the need to devote a huge amount of time and resources.
I skewered him where he sat and saw the startled expression on his face as the wound began to flame.

"Oh, basely done!" he cried. "I had hoped for better of thee!"

"This isn't exactly the Olympic Games," I said, brushing some sparks from my cloak.

- The Courts of Chaos, Roger Zelazny
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