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Clarfication - Maguss.org vs Indiegogo

#1 Errie
Hey guys, don't know if these is the proper place to post this but seeings how I'm trying to get into alpha was wondering if anybody could help me out.
So, on the web page (Maguss.org) I go to click Chance to play and am presented two options. First being straight forward Alpha key (August 1st) which a little confusions I thought alpha was already underway, none the less Im ready to get in on this awesome app so not for me. Second option is Alpha key (24 hrs) which is where the big part of my confusion is, do I receive a key in 24 hours or is it like a 24 hour pass (for $28 bucks o.0 I have no clue) I was just hoping for a little clarification as well as why these prices are so different from the Indiegogo website ._.
Thank you for anyone who read and hopefully someone can provide an answer!
#2 LegatoPulse

The "24 hour" key you are looking at simply means that once you buy the key they will send it to you within 24 hours. I believe all keys bought within the same day are sent at the same time.

For what it's worth I got mine at about 6pm EST.
#3 Memnoich
All the perks from Maguss .org are just the Alpha key. The one for August 1st is also an alpha key as the alpha is expected to last till the end of the summer at least.
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