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Big Grin
#1 Seleiance
Hi everyone. I recently learned about this project through Facebook. I am a little disappointed that it took so long for it to come to my attention, but I am glad that I found out in time to still be able to be a backer. Today is my first day trying out the game in the closed alpha/beta, and while I didn't get a lot done (since I didn't go very far from the house), I am very happy with what I have seen so far. I am looking forward to seeing this game and its community grow.
#2 Tereza Kulovaná
Welcome to the community! We are growing every day and I can only imagine, how big we will become after open beta release. You are still early, enjoy discussions and feel free to join any, also adding suggestion can help to make the game great. The game is getting better and better. Devs are amazing and they have already added features suggested by community members. If you want to chat, also visit fan made Amino or Discord communities. And spread the word! It seems that still many people haven't noticed Maguss yet. It's great that you have found the way Smile
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