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Significant Performance Issues/Unable to Slot Spells

#1 Hildogen

I have just installed the game and am experiencing significant performance issue. While on the world map, everything is perfectly smooth and working as expected. When going into any of the menus (crafting, spells, store) my frame-rate drops to <5 FPS. I can still do things, it just becomes extremely unpleasant. 

I'm not sure if this is related, but I am also unable to add spells to my deck. When I click the "Add" button the screen goes blurry, as if expecting a transition, and just stays that way (I've tried setting it down for ~20 minutes). If I click anywhere on the screen, the blurriness goes away and I'm back at the spell progression/selection screen with no spells in my deck. Since I need spells to fight creatures, this is pretty much preventing me from play the game (which I paid quite a bit of money for).

I am on an iPhone 5, most recent iOS updated, most recent game build.

Edit: Also tried un/re-installing.

Edit: Just tried making a potion, the game is also too laggy for me to actually draw runes. I guess this would also mean even if I could slot a spell, I would not even be able to cast. The game is lagging so bad it is unplayable.
#2 Memnoich
The blurriness that you mention is when it should be popping up an overlay window. It sounds like you are have some extreme issues with Lag. Make sure you don't have anything else running in the back ground, as there is a recent issue with AZ Screen Recorder and Maguss interaction where the bottom of the screen becomes unresponsive if they are both running. You might be having other interaction issues.
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#3 Hildogen
I have no other apps open and have tried several optimization methods to no avail. I had a chat with them on FB and they said there is an optimization patch coming out this week, but didn't say specifically when.

If anyone does know when please share as I would like to stop obsessively checking my phone.
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