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#1 Henry
After every battles against any opponents, against mobs or fellow wizardry, it is natural to assume that your character loses health. You can either heal by drinking potions or walk it off (or find a friend to duel and heal each other in the duel).

But lets explore the walking it off phenomenon. Assume you finish a battle (whether you win or lose is irrelevant) and you move faster than walking speed, meaning you can be in a car, public transmit, boat, whatever medium that is faster than walking speed. When you're faster than walking speed, you heal faster.

Translate this idea to application and you can run to get health (both in game and in real life funny enough). I'd discovered this phenomenon when I was being driven back home.

I want to check out if other players notice such phenomenon. It would be a very interesting game mechanics to have people running around to heal (or hop on the public transmit).
#2 Doculos
I don't know about running, but traveling does heal health. I'm guessing that because when you are running or driving you are simply covering more distance in the same amount of time and so you heal faster. I really like this mechanic though, as this is an awesome way to heal up while you are exploring things and getting herbs.
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