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(Android) - Spell Recognition & Dual Imbalance

#1 terenn
Someone posted a video of a bug, and I thought it a great way to covey bugs.  I have a couple (that may or may not have been addressed or know) to show.

This one is actually 1 bug and 1 recommendation:

Bug - I have noticed on several fights that sometimes the gesture to cast a spell doesnt seem to be recognized.  It is demonstrated in this video.

Recommendation - I would like to recommend some type of level balancing or tiers for PvP... Initiating a dual as a level 8 and being paired with a 21 made for a short and pointless battle.

#2 Xevion
I have experienced this bug as well on my Nexus 5X.

Also, fighting people who are way higher level is pointless. I'd rather not fight anyone at all if there are no enemies in my level range. OR you could bring down both player's HP to the lowest players amount?
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