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Looking for Alpha key - Talked to someone on Facebook

#1 Aridhol
Heya - still looking for my key! Purchased the 45 dollar Indiegogo pledge level around 14 hours ago.

I'm sure you guys don't have a huge customer support team, so I don't want to be a burden, but I am still waiting for my key. I talked to someone on Facebook messenger earlier, who was super helpful and answered a lot of my questions about the game, and gave me an ETA about when keys go out. The time unfortunately came and went! And after talking to who I assume was the same person again, they told me it should indeed have come and to check all my folders, spam, etc, but unfortunately again I had no luck there.

Anyways - hopefully someone can look into this for me so I can play soon! Thanks.
#2 Henry
It takes about 24 hours to receive the alpha key.
This is not Dio Brando.
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