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Issue with character selection

#1 witchfire76
I purchased an Alpha Key yesterday and received it today. Started up the game, joined my order, then got to the character selection screen... Unfortunately, none of the heads for characters would load, I could only see the body. I restarted the game several times, but the problem persisted. I chose one of the characters because I wanted to get into the game, even though I couldn't see the head... and when I loaded into the game... The character is NOT AT ALL what I was hoping to have chosen... is there anyway to reset a character? Please tell me there is because I'm extremely disappointed with this already...
#2 Robyn Oakwise
Hi witchfire76,

Since this is an Alpha and we are testers the character graphic doesn't matter too much as we will be going through resets.

I picked a random toon as well and don't like it either. Thankfully, some of the gear covers up the face. ?

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