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This may be a dumb question...

#1 witchfire76
I just received my Alpha Key, and I've toyed around with the game a bit... When it shows "duels" available to me nearby, are those REAL LIFE people playing that are near me, or are they more like... NPCs that I can battle? I was standing in a park and it showed someone RIGHT THERE with me, but there was no one else around me for several yards.

Just wondering if they are NPCs or Spoofers or something else haha.
#2 Robyn Oakwise
Hi witchfire76,

The duel requests (the crossed wands icons that pop up) are a remote request from a real person though they most probably are not right next to you. 

If you select the duel icon from your menu (at the bottom right) others online will see your request as a popup icon with your information on it.

I hope this helps.

#3 Eru
They're real life people, but they can be from anywhere in the world. When I started this I had this one guy "stalking" me and battling with me over and over... So many duels, nobody playing Maguss... Then I figured it out.
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