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TestFlight Beta, on android, Purchased Late Closed Beta key......Am I screwed?

#1 Chocobo
Bought a Late Closed Beta Key the other day.

Received the email today to get into the game.

Game is downloaded, and ready to go....I getthe email, read it, TestFlight Beta....I search for it via Playstore, as I'm on an Android.

Can I get a refund, or at least some form of compensation when the App actually releases?

For what it's worth, I am excited for the game....SamTheOilman on youtube got me interested in it.

I just want a response from a dev or someone from support....If I lost the $$$ via the purchase and there is no way to get bit back, please let me know.
I would however, really like to play the game, as I paid for late early access & would like to have that.

I'm really bummed out right now, email is in my profile.
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