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Security / Thinking ahead

#1 Monchis
Hello everyone,

I just found out about this game and the campaign today.
Have done a lot of reading around the internet and on this forum, and I love it!!

One this came to my mind and I couldnt find anything about the fact on the forums, so here is my question:

Did you think about Security and more importantly about bots and hacks??

I have seen way too many bots in Pokemon GO... it really hurt the game and the community.
So I think you should really have a solid plan towards those things and how they can be prevented.

Any information about this??
#2 dhyde79
they've said that it's being addressed....though, I've got to say, if you're running into bots that're hurting the game on PoGo, in a system that has no ability to transfer inventory...whose sole purpose of the game is to collect all of the pokemon that you can...

bots have been all but squashed for at least the last two updates in pogo, they've been focused more on maps and trying to make them out to be so absolutely horrific and pretending that they unusually tax the servers...when the people making the map sites and software have shown that they actually take LESS resources than a real client that's logged in and running....
#3 annefmoreno
Track suspicious network activity. Beyond simply blocking IRC, admins can look for dubious outbound connection attempts in a much broader sense, and create/update service blacklists to deal with suspicious cases. Example: If a thousand users are all suddenly following a particular twitter feed, and that feed’s content obviously isn’t meant for a human audience, that’s a clear sign of botnet activity.
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