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#11 Shadow
Character Name: Shadow
level: yet to be achieved
order: highmoon brotherhood
wins\loss: there are lots dead and no proof has been found Wink
#12 Darkfae
(11-17-2016, 08:14 AM)QuantumSnow Wrote: Yay, the first contestant before the game is even released Big Grin. Welcome to the community Darkfae Smile.
Btw. I think with guild they mean the order.

Thanks for the welcome!

Yes, I realised later that they meant Order. I wasn't really supposed to be using technology at the time, because I'd been in a car wreck and had a concussion (still having a bit of trouble from it, but meh). I've added the Order listing for it, but I've still got a group of people I brought over from my gaming syndicate, so I'm keeping that listing...even though I need to add our Maguss stuff.

So much to catch up on after 2 weeks of required offline rest. T.T

Nice to see others joining in though! Hopefully people come chat too!
[Image: xVF1Vky.png]
#13 Dylan Michael-Allen Thomas
Character: Azel Drukar
Level: (Beta backer)
Guild: Highmoon Brotherhood
W/l: none, beta backer

The dragon mage of the shadow guild, here to seek knowledge, and test the strength of my spells.
#14 Doculos
Character: Doculos
Level: 23
Guild: Highmoon Brotherhood
W/l: I'd like to think I win more than lose, but it probably evens out right now.
If I may lose, you will surely not win.
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