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#21 dhyde79
....I'm not sure I follow...

Do you have a limit to how many of your skills you can use simultaneously? Beyond Situational Applicability that is? Sure, you can't use your cooking skill while changing a tire on the side of the road, that's expected.

If you're suggesting limiting so that let's say memnoich as a L41 can't use all of his skills and abilities against a monster if we're co-opping it because I'm a level 1...that's like saying when I take my kid out hunting and teach her, I should have to intentionally miss because I'be been at it longer than her...purely illogical...

I'd hope it's strictly XP based for the skills, because it creates the variety, everyone's better at something than something else...and some are astonishingly good at what they do for how inexperienced they are..."naturals"
#22 Memnoich
(11-03-2016, 08:26 PM)Tigris Wrote: In games with no skill limit power is often just the sum of gametime and less about strategic choices...
in most games this is the case, the idea being that as you get higher level skills you do higher level things, asking to be able to do the same thing at lvl 5 as a lvl 10 isn't really fair to the lvl 10, no matter if he sprinted up there in a day or took a month, it's still a badge of effort. If you are talking about dueling, well, they have stated that there will be a matchmaking system in place for remote dueling, so if you do a random duel it would be with someone about your level, but you will still have the option to duel friends, or in the case of the physical world, duel that person you just came in proximity of.
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#23 Deinara
@Dhyde just to address the number of skills that can be trained at once, I believe they have said something about how many spells you can take into battle, which could limit skill training (if you dont bring a summoning spell for ex, you cant train that skill).

Its all still ideas being thrown around but I think 3 pve and 5 pve are what I have seen mentioned.
#24 dhyde79
I wasn't referring to spells Deinara, but rather skills. Interesting on the spell selection limitation though....I figured there'd be something similar though....

Memnoich, if it takes the same amount of XP to level a skill, regardless of what level you are, then it's fair to every level. If Deinara's sick and ends up stuck at home for a week, and spends her time when not asleep, crafting potions, she may not level up her player but she may well ramp her brewing skills beyond what someone else of that level would achieve...perhaps Player level should come from an average of all skills, similar to portal level on ingress?
#25 Memnoich
Well and that's kind of what I was getting at, i.e. if you are Lvl 5 your skills will max out at lvl 5, you can keep going and train your character level to open up your spell casting level to 6 when you reach Character Lvl 6. Or your skill max lvl is independent from your character level, i.e. it takes so much overall xp to reach lvl 5, which you could do by working on only a couple of skills, keeping them maxed, your "natural talent" or you can be more broad spectrum and work on more sklills, they don't stay as high as they could be, but you are more diverse with what you can do, you still have the same amount of XP at level 5 as every other 5th level, but someone else has a higher spell casting skill, while you have more usable skills.
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#26 dhyde79
See, that's what I'm arguing against. That'/ part of why I like game systems like Shadowrun. Skills are equal to the effort you put into them, not tied to what level you are.

For an ingress portal style answer, your level would be the sum of your skills divided by the total number of skills...and each skill would have no cap...the only way to reach the upper levels is to be a very well rounded "Mage"
#27 Deinara
Hmmm thats kinda like the Runescape system. Idk though I find it fun to have a separate player level, even if it doesnt limit skills.

Idk I feel like a separate player level thats scaled differently and perhaps is somehow based on total xp would be nice for unlocking better drops, spells or quests. Imo thats a useful feature, even if people choose to specialize, to get x spell or quest you need a certain player level, even if your skill level is high enough.

Especially at later levels, it would provide incentive for people to learn more skills as they began maxing out skill levels and had to move on to new ones to keep leveling their character. A bit more depth in higher levels though if player level is xp based, not just the average (or sum) of all of the individual skill levels.

Also it would be nice to have player level keep going up pastax skill some maybe, to keep the story going and perhaps add more depth past just maxing a skill (you probably still have more spells to find/companions to catch). Not to mention, the more player levels, the longer the game story is.
#28 Memnoich
well gameplay already shows creature level and character level, discussion has shown rhe skills also have individual levels, the question is in how they are tied together. The character and creature levels help decide if you are strong enough to take something on. I understand wanting there not to be levels but just skill levels, and there are ways to show strength of creatures as compared to skill level, with one of the systems i was talking about, its actually reversed, the character level is tied to your skill levels, much like you are wanting. This was the way Asherons Call ran. Your character levels and skill levels were based off of XP. Once you reached a certain amount of xp your character went up a level, it didnt matter what skills that xp was put into, this helped for people who wanted to focus on other things besides combat, alchemy for instance, they would still show level progression based of the effort they put in, but were not as strong offensivly as those that focused on combat.
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#29 dhyde79
Perhaps skill count requirements, like Ingress. Beyond X level, you need a single skill at X level, then the requirements grow. You can achieve the skills at whatever rate you want, as you need to have the skills leveled up regardless of how much XP you had toward advancement....
#30 Manaricelle
Oh this has me sold. I love gaining experience from actions and watching a skill level up this way. Even better to see it in a game where I am basically the character. My spine tingles with excitement~
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