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Safety Restrictions? (Geofences/Warnings/Etc)

#11 zatokar
Hey guys, here are our privacy policy and terms of use documents, have a look: http://forum.maguss.org/thread-180.html
Maguss Founder
#12 Manaricelle
The Privacy Policy and TOS are looking good Zatokar! I don't know why I get so excited reading the TOS for new games haha!

And for those of you that asked about the hospitala being disabled: Usually its because cell phones are not allowed to be used in certain areas and the hospital is also a private propert. 

With the introduction of GPS-based games sometimes people are drawn to visit hospitals for gaming reasons (ie; rare item, pokemon nests, portals) and this interferes with operation of hospital staff. A lot of hospitals had requested that their gyms be removed from Pokemon Go specifically because people do not always exercise common sense and reasonableness. I am sure due to the nature of hospitals Niantic put in a huge effort to just remove it from the rest. There is a hospital in my hometown that is a children's hospital that requested their gym and pokestops be added back and Niantic complied. If hospitals welcome the game I am sure they wouldn't hesitate to ask for service to be enabled  Maguss won't have that much of an outcome that Pokemon Go did, but its probably best to not interfere with operations of private establishments unless they state otherwise.

The way that PoGo is geofenced is a good idea though, at the airports pokestops are only in the actual terminals and public areas. Nothing scan spawn outside of the terminals as for instance the gate and the tarmac. Can you imagine the fools that would actually breach secure areas to catch a nice pokemon? I mean they ran out of their cars on a highway once...
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#13 BlkSabbath74
(11-20-2016, 10:40 AM)zatokar Wrote: Thank you guys for sharing your concerns. So far we have geofenced few areas such as hospitals, airports, waters and few other locations. We weren't planning on adding any disclaimer/privacy policy/user agreement on Alpha version but I am going to search for some legal representative to help us write it now and maybe we can make it until tomorrows release.

Very smart.

Yeah, 99.99% of this will be covered by the term common sense, but I would definitely set up a disclaimer that is air-tight as far as personal stupidity, if there is such a thing!
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