Poll: Which Order are you going to join?
This poll will close on: 08-16-2019

Order of Enthrallment
Highmoon Brotherhood
Fellowship of Wizardry
Circle of the Guiled
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Poll - which Order are you picking?

#21 Karl-Co A Drummer
I chose the Circle of the guild, just because, as the short texts read, there are 2 orders which go towards "perfect the magic and spells" - Order of Enthrallment and Circle of the Guiled. But in the Order of Enthrallment it sounds like they really have to work for it and most can not do it, where in the Circle of the Guiled everybody seems gifted and is one step ahead without even trying. Sounded like me;-) But after having played the game for a few days now I think the Highmoon Brotherhood could be for me in February, because I duel a lot and only use curses (mainly because there aren't many spells to choose from right now). So I hope we are learning about the perks of every order before we have to choose again in February.
#22 Mandraw
The order of enthrallment seems more of a duelling type...
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#23 Kaleb Stinehart
Im liking the sound of shadows... But i want more info over each grouo.
#24 Jakub Sviták
Hello, I have one question. A selection guild influence on the value stats of character? Or in the same manner as in Pokémon go? Thanks.
#25 Memnoich
currently there isn't anything different about selecting one order over another, but there will be, it just hasn't been implemented yet, so no information has been released about it.
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#26 Jakub Sviták
Okej, thank you. If I now buy beta key, play in February, chose any guild and late released that's differences, can I change guild? Sorry for my English
#27 Memnoich
There will be a final wipe before the game is released, at the end of the open beta. So if you start playing in Feb with the closed beta, you don't have to be worried about being stuck with your Order choice. It's not set in stone, but they did mention that the open beta might be pushed back til April 2017. so if you get the Feb invite, you'll have a few months to play before even the open beta.
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#28 EngryEngineer
Voting for Fellowship of Wizardry currently, though I may be swayed as more lore comes out. Seeing the lore say that they blind themselves to the mystical knowledge outside of spell casting is the main point that puts me on the fence. Depending on how much knowledge they forbid I may go Order of Enthrallment.
#29 BlkSabbath74
(11-21-2016, 01:23 AM)Manaricelle Wrote: I'm kind of undecided, but most of the guilds don't really mesh with me. I guess I'm leaning more towards the Order of Enthrallment, since that seems like more of a route and educator of magic would go. I am not too keen of assassins, swindlers, and zealots!

Which ones are the swindlers, because that's probably the one I need to be in...
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