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Android location settings

#1 zatokar
Hi Guys,

we haven't launched the app yet. Hopefully it will be ready in few hours. Hang tight please. I just came here to report a potential issue for Android users. One of our developers has encountered it. 

Android has 3 location modes : High accuracy, Battery saving and Device only. Some devices have "Device only" set by default and that won't work. You will have to change it.
Here is something that may help you with that. If we find people having troubles with it, we will be able to provide further assistance. 


Maguss Founder
#2 Darkfae
Being something of an ARG junkie, I know you can actually build your software to change those settings for the user, as from what I can tell, both Ingress and Pokemon Go do so. However, not being a mobile programmer myself, I'm not sure how to do so - I only know that I've had PoGO, for example, switch between High Accuracy and Battery Saver for me by switching modes within the game itself.

So that might be something you guys can look into on your end. I know that FevGames rips both games apart from top to bottom, so they might know something about it, but I'm not sure if they bothered looking at that coding specifically - they might just stick to paying attention to the "core" game mechanics.
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#3 zatokar
Nice advise. It does require some extra programming as these settings are native Android while we run it from within Unity engine.
Maguss Founder
#4 Darkfae
I'm pretty confident that Unity could be rewritten just a bit to do it. Ingress, at least, is written in libGDX which uses a lot of the same languages as Unity. I couldn't find a whole lot on the actual details of how it's done though, but this is a 6 AM search and I'm still not back to 100%. XD
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