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Current Alpha Bug List

#1 Memnoich
[Image: dIQ3ZLN.png]
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  • Pixie Quest - can complete after killing 1 pixie
  • Distance traveled not updating
  • Leaving quest menu, then going back in, displays last quest looked at for a moment, then switches
  • Potion quest doesn't track # of potions created - quest asks for weak health potions, recipe says weak health, weak healing potion is whats produced. -Fixed
  • No way to turn off click noises even when sfx and music is off it's still there. -options are not yet implemented and wont be that soon
  • Items can sometimes be gathered outside of action circle
  • Creatures inside of action circle are occasionally marked as too far, and sometimes you can interact with them outside of circle.
  • ! (log)button only works in menu not in map screen.
  • No HP increase when leveling. - Fixed
  • XP gain not registering - Fixed
  • Monsters and ingredients not spawning - Fixed
  • Issue with spawns after a battle either not appearing when scanned, or disappearing altogether, requiring a game restart to show back up. - Fixed
  • Spell level perks are not currently implemented, as shown by barter and spellcasting perks not currently working.
  • Some skills don't seem to be leveling - exploration, herbology, beast knowledge(unless there aren't any "Beasts" yet), and discovery only seems to be moving for quests.
  • Map Refresh causes wandering mobs to jump back to start point.
  • (On android) Map seems flipped. when facing north, compass points north, but map shows you are looking south.
  • When walking Map "Jumps" rather than doing smooth update of position.
  • When traveling with the App open, the Hidden Sparkles don't update. Travel long enough and the map fills with sparkles and becomes unresponsive
  • Traveling with game open, map does not refresh the location you stop at, or travel. Restating the game brings back spawns. DO NOT DRIVE AND SPELL CAST!!!! - in progress
  • Registration issues - On bug list to be fixed with next update
  • FB Login puts FB name as user name - you can now set your Wizard name.
  • New 'Large' MOB's don't know when to give up, after being defeated they continue to fight, requiring restart of the game to finish the combat.
  • Guild badges inaccurate during dueling
  • Gold loss during dueling
  • Battle Freezes when timer hits 0
  • Health resets to 30 after losing and there isn't any good way to regain it.
  • A lot of duels showing up on the map at the same time. - Partially Fixed limited amount of duels
  • Duel requests remain after accepted
  • When casting the Essence Leech spell, if the battle goes to another round, it always crashes/pauses during the battle sequence.- Fixed
  • pressing duel button and then canceling it, the pin remains on the opponent map and therefore there are many dueling pins. Plus you can still accept the duel - fixed
  • No draw ending to duels - Fixed
  • Unable to click fight on creatures - Attempt to get closer to creature, get it's spawn point into circle of influence - fixed
  • Fight and flee buttons being unresponsive and in general buttons at times not working. Sometimes not even spam clicking works. - Attempt to get closer to creature, get it's spawn point into circle of influence
  • When successfully cast, creeping death uses Magic arrow animation, but still casts creeping death.
  • Glyphs error tolerance is very tight - Adjusted
  • Helper glyph for Magic shield appears to be sandlewood glyph - fixed
  • Helper Glyph for creeping death is incorrect Looks like a cursive Y. - Fixed
  • Switching between ingredients and bag of holding multiple times causes the bag display to change to ingredients but the inventory to stay on bag of holding
  • Potion of Bravery information set as default item display in Bag of holding
  • Goto ingredient page, X out, then go back into inventory and Items in bag of holding will look like ingredients for a moment.
  • Gathered spawned ingredients occasionally not showing in inventory, but still usable in crafting. - fixed
  • Glyph not showing during tutorial (due to assets not yet being loaded, try to wait and reopen the ingredient popup). Also seen when clicking to quickly.
  • Weak healing potion recipe uses 2 rose water and no ginger when it completes. Reports for some taking 2 ginger instead.
  • When switch from Ingredients tab to crafting, the ingredients requirement goes buggy for just a second.
  • Occasionally ingredient glyph doesn't show when drawing. Restarting game sometimes fixes it
  • Great Warding potion takes 4 Rose Water when creating, and take no other ingredients.
  • Potions have different tooltips but same effects - shop vs crafted.
  • Getting unlimited potions by pressing the questions mark and then pressing the craft button,even if they don't have the required ingredients, this makes the ingredient count go in minus. - Fixed
  • When you craft the weak health potion it says it heals 4%, but when you get it in the inventory it says 10% - Fixed
  • Ingredients selling for 100 gp in store - i.e. ingredients for weak health sell for: 140 rosewater and 100 ginger, while potion itself only costs 40. allowing for ingredients to purchase 6 weak healing potions.
  • Potion selling pricing is wrong, minor healing potion says it sells for 40 but gives 24.- Fixed
  • Get Bartering XP for clicking on buy for potions in the store, even if you don't have enough money. -Fixed
[Image: splitter.png]
  • Ability to repeat tutorial to gain xp, just close before you end tutorial and it starts over, with previous xp gain applied.
  • Can keep in a battle just casting non-offensive spells to keep generating XP
  • You get 4 barter xp per Store Transaction. 24 Spellcasting Xp for buying scrolls. Being able to sell items for what you can buy them at allows for the ability to generate infinite XP
[Image: splitter.png]
Helpful hints:
  • To use potions, drag and drop on potion icon
  • To sell Items, drag and drop on Coins icon
  • To scan, press Magnifying glass, then draw question mark without the dot
  • If stuck in ingredient part of potion crafting, click ingredient again to get back out.
  • Click on compass to change modes of map movement - Follow phone, follow finger.
  • Make sure you have the latest client
  • Always try a restart first, if bug is game breaking try an uninstall and reinstall to make sure of no client corruption. 
[Image: splitter.png]
Game Impressions:
  • Map loading after a battle takes a long time.
  • Victory/success screen animation is too long - time consuming
  • Glyph failure takes too long
  • Crafting a recipe with 10x of each ingredient results in drawing 30 glyphs, which is unnecessary. Id suggest making max number of same glyphs in crafting like 3 at most.
  • Shop needs to have option for selling more than one item.
  • Magic Arrow innate spell is overpowered, I'd suggest max 30 dmg per cast. - adjusted
[Image: splitter.png]
Edit changes
Info added on 12/13/2016
Fix In-Progress Items
Items Fixed with latest Patch
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[Image: GCZeJrZ.png]
#2 Memnoich
App (v. 0.1 build 6)
[Image: splitter.png]
  1. Troll added! + Treant
  2. Potion brewing made easier (tolerance when drawing glyph's increased)
  3. Magic Shield and Spirit Sting made easier to cast
  4. When a player has accepted a challenge, a request should no longer be on your screen
  5. If challenger cancels the challenge, duel pin disappears
  6. Player's HP increases with a new level by 10
  7. Added a pop-up window for selling multiple items at once
  8. Fight button should now work always
  9. Negative amount of ingredients won't be possible anymore
  10. New ingredients/creatures should spawn without the need for the app restart
  11. Player gains instead of losing gold when winning the battle
  12. Quest “A fine lesson in sharing” fixed
  13. When dueling and both players cast magic arrow at the same time a tie is a possible outcome
  14. Added a pop-up window when a new skill perk is unlocked
  15. Sandalwood made easier to draw
  16. To process the ingredient when brewing, you must draw a respective gesture (any other won't work)
  17. When training Magic Shield, a correct gesture should form
  18. When challenged, the display name of the opponent appears (not FB_54728354... anymore)
  19. When dueled, a current opponent's lvl is displayed (not 0 anymore)
  20. Magic Arrow dmg decreased to 30
  21. When brewing Great Healing Potion, rosewater ingredient can be processed
  22. Brewing Weak Health Potion pulls respective ingredients
  23. Tapping an ingredient on the map should work 100% of time
  24. Match-making algorithm improved (rank range increased)
  25. When challenged, opponent's health, rank and Order affiliation is displayed
  26. Adjusted threshold for when the spell is considered successful and when not
[Image: splitter.png]
[Image: GCZeJrZ.png]
#3 Memnoich
[Image: splitter.png]
  • Would like to see Google login, similar to FB login.
  • Ability to register FB or Google to account
  • Check FB login matches to current account
  • Make Login Persistant till changed from account screen, If remeber login is checked.
  • Account info Page
  • Android back button useable
  • In scan mode, add the ability to tap on a combat icon
  • Larger Hit area for the combat.
  • In the "Invite to duel" popup, Larger hit area for "Accept" and "Decline"
  • Player's gold always visable
  • Creature Attractant Item(incense)
  • system status bar remains visible to view network connectivity and battery usage.
  • Move log to seperate window.
  • More information from PvP/E battles in log.
  • Seperate Logs into different tabs, all, system, combat
  • swipe left or right for navigation
  • tap on the title, description or the XP bar of a skill to open tooltip
  • Add text to Use and Sell.
  • Allow for multiple item sales.
  • Ingredient Glyph Training
  • Accuracy of glyph affecting quality of potion, rather than Pass/Fail
  • Use scan To locate ingredients in tutorial
  • Increase shown gold total for multiple item purchase.
  • Purchase notification in store, button pressing animation.
  • Gold for Duels
  • Change sound for losing.
  • Dueling Tutorial.
  • Optimize screen use when in battle
  • Cancel Glyph button
  • Flee from battle button
  • PvP timer button after finding player
  • Combat icons often disappear too quickly
  • More animation to battle
  • swipe left or right for navigation
  • Set default spell Helper Glyph
  • Casting outside of combat, maybe incorporate into Scan Mode.
  • Zoom Map
  • Scan button show pressed when in draw mode.
  • Map too hard to see in the sun.
  • Slow heal while logged off
  • walking-distance-based functions, i.e. heal while walking.
  • Home Base to heal at, moveable maybe once a week.
  • Avatar customization, either upload picture, or more avatar options.
  • Battery Save mode - Dim screen but continue to run.
  • Public/private visability button
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[Image: GCZeJrZ.png]
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