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#11 zatokar
Guys, we do not have user management in place yet and therefore we strongly suggest you not to forget your passwords Smile. In case it happens, contact us on service@maguss.org with your alpha key, email address and username and desired password.

Also keep in mind we had to wipe all user data and it may be that you have to re-register before logging in. Hope it helps.
Maguss Founder
#12 Cory Wiley
When did you wipe? I've been playing and still at lvl 21.
#13 Meenath
It would be a problem you think that I download Maguss on my Ipad since I'm playing on my cell that is on android. I could compare fonction but not sure if it would mess things up
#14 Sintel
Thank you zakotar! I just had to re-register and am now able to play once again. I didn't forget my password, but the account was wiped so it didn't work. Thanks again!
#15 De Mo
(11-29-2016, 09:05 PM)Maguss Wrote: If you are experiencing logis/registration issues please let us know.
We want all of you to be able to enjoy the game.
Let us know and we will get to it right away. ThanksSmile

i cant registration.
#16 Dylan Michael-Allen Thomas
Hey, just to let you know, this is the old alpha forum. For the new release, please post in the alpha 2.0 forum Smile also, devs are aware of this issue, but they gotta get some sleep, haha
#17 Lenthenomeal
Logging/registration issue with the new update I can punch in all the info but can't click the register button
#18 Susanou
Same for me, it says that the user is unregistered and when I try to register again, I can't anymore.
#19 starshuffler
I've been trying to register manually and all I got was "Unsuccessful registration". No clue as to why. I filled up the form as diligently as I could.
#20 Corbin Jensen
My app keeps crashing and auto closing after I open it. Is this a problem with my download? I reinstalled 3 times to make sure
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