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#11 Lenthenomeal
I no longer see any mob spawns at all just the leafs
#12 Xweidl
(12-04-2016, 05:02 PM)Oyjord Wrote: For the record, I still see only treants, no pixies or gremlins or trolls, etc.

I had this same problem; but, starting at some point yesterday evening, the "only treants" problem has been replaced by a "only trolls" problem. Maybe there is a time-based swapping of mobs going on? Maybe trolls just like the rain here?
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#13 Sintel
Creatures appear to be level dependent. Once I hit a certain level I stopped seeing Pixies and Gnomes, now all I see is Treants. I figure once I hit the next threshold I will only be able to battle Trolls. This seems like a bug to me - having the option to blast away weaker creatures when at higher player levels woukd be fun.
Also, I have had a similar problem described by Azora when battling Treants. After a certain number of rounds (not sure how many), I am unable to cast any spells. The tolerance for glyphs appears to change, and none of the gestures register as being correct.
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