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IMPORTANT - New version of the app (v. 0.1 build 6)

#11 Drkmyst
Hey guys

Since update have issues with duels and battles. Hp bars hit 0 but fight or duel does not end. Closing the app and re-logging after each battle or fight. The xp and rewards register after logging back in

Next I'm able to make all potions except for weak experience. Catnip is not registering for me, however spirit sting does register during battles and duels. All other ingredients register fine.

Lastly duel balancing is still off for me my first duel after the update was same lvl after that there is a fairly big gap. I was lvl 19 at update now lvl 24 with only the first duel being in my lvl range. It could be the time of day or ppl currently on atm but its really unfair for others duelling me who are a much lower lvl

In game name Drkmyst
Device IOS


Ps great game so far can't wait for all the features to go live
#12 Cory Wiley
Has iOS been approved yet?
#13 Omagnificent_mage
I'm having the same issues as Audhumbla. All my monsters are now trolls and when I battle them none of my spells register. And some spells register as others when I battle other players. PVP Battles won't end and I end up closing the app.
#14 Naliia Feno
Having the same issues as Omagnificent and Audhumbla. I have managed to defeat a handful of Treants, but the battle gets stuck sometimes, too. Spawn density is still pretty uneven (too low in some places, too high in others). There are no creatures but Treants right now for me as well. I'm really impressed with the improvements so far,though!
#15 Memnoich
I'm not sure if it helps at this point, but I noticed today that as I fought, there would be rounds that all my spells and even the Troll's were failing for a couple of rounds, and then suddenly they would start working again. I couldn't finish the battle, so I restarted the game. When I cam back in, the troll I had been fighting had wandered out of my circle of influence.

I wonder if part of this is the Mob keep wandering during the battle, sometime wandering out of "Range", thus the reason for the Spell failures.
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#16 zatokar
Guys, battle system (code) has been reworked. All issues related to that should not be present anymore in closed beta on 20th December.
Maguss Founder
#17 Memnoich
Sounds Good, Thanks
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#18 Headstrong
Since the new update today i cant get into the game it keeps crashing
#19 Flinx
No Chance to Register, Alpha Key is correct, i tried different types of usernames and passwords, no Chance to sign up
#20 Syntheciser
Yeah, i have the same problem. Tried differt usernames und email and cant Register.... HELP
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