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Implementation plan for next few months

#1 zatokar
Hello guys, 
I've just updated this thread: http://forum.maguss.org/thread-334.html

Please have a look, especially at the section saying "EDIT 2" to get a picture about what we are currently working on. The battle system re-implementation took us a while longer than initially estimated,. However, we have managed to prepare everything to get party system in place. That means, we all may soon enjoy raiding bosses and fighting in teams.

From the perspective of a player, things may not be moving fast enough and therefore we have decided to add few cool elements that are not that hard to implement, but should keep you busy until more serious features come in place! Closed beta is still scheduled for 20th December, but since we had to make changes to the code handling the PvP and PvE content expansion will come after closed beta is out. Hang tight and look forward to the features we are getting ready for you!

We are happy to have this amazing community growing over here. Keep it going. 

Ou and not to forget, Maguss Team wishes you amazing holidays!
Maguss Founder
#2 Memnoich
Sounds great, thanks for working so hard to get this right!
Happy Holidays to you as well!
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#3 Dylan Michael-Allen Thomas
Woot, thanks zatokar!
#4 yogacourses
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#5 BookCraver
I have not received my wand or the $40 game credit. When will those be released?
#6 Maguss
(01-14-2017, 07:50 PM)BookCraver Wrote: I have not received my wand or the $40 game credit. When will those be released?

Hello, have you read our latest update? You can right here, we answer all the questions there:

Important announcement, new update and a loud surprise!

Dear backers & fans,

We would like to thank you for the amazing support you have shown us thus far. The numbers are through the roof. With more than 9000 organic Google Play downloads majority of which came from people that do not have the key, over 700 players active daily out of 2000 backers and 10 people who have already reached rank 190 while the game is still in alpha stage, it seems magical experience attracted many.

Today, however, we bring you some sad news.
We are sorry to announce the delivery of Maguss Wands will be postponed for about 8 months. These are the reasons which stand behind the decision:

1. Different legislations, various regulations and the process of product approval(CE mark) pose more difficulties than we have initially anticipated
2. Necessary updates and battery performance tests have been delayed as a delivery service lost the package with a rechargeable battery
3. We had problems finding a component supplier which would fulfill our expectations.To bring you a high quality physical product, we want to work with the best

We feel bad and want to make it up to you. Therefore everyone who purchased the Maguss Wand is going to receive $30 worth (Wand value) of in-game currency - magic dust. In app purchases are not yet available, but we will make sure it is worth to have some saved up dust!
There is good in all bad. The extra time we get allows us to fix bugs, add more content and implement new features.

Moreover, we promised to deliver custom made spells and summons and we haven’t forgotten. As we have to perfect the game first, you won’t see them until official release. However, we already need the necessary information to draw first sketches and start the design process. If you have bought a perk with a design option available, please, fill in the form/s below:
Custom Summon Creature Form : https://goo.gl/forms/y3XtXAeZ34SPX12u2
Custom Spell Form: https://goo.gl/forms/THrQzVy7yqPUFW4r1

On a more positive note, we have just released a new update (new application version). Thanks to your help we have fixed many bugs and made some necessary adjustments. These are the most prominent:

-No more spontaneous draws
-HP will regenerate when walking
-HP will refresh regularly, providing you with the accurate info without the need for a restart
-Spells description updated
-When in duel, a player will be able to see logo of the Order he chose
-All the ingredient glyphs load properly
-No more missing resources(no more question marks)
-Time effect of potions doesn’t last forever
-Proximity duel allowed regardless of rank
-The number of dueling pins is limited + they disappear when not relevant anymore
-PvP freezing should no longer occur
-Low level monsters should spawn even for higher level players
-Defeating a creature rewards gold
-Interaction possible only within an interaction circle
-Loading bar is dynamic
-Background music added

To report any bugs you find, follow the link: http://forum.maguss.org/forum-39.html
Thank you for understanding. We are truly sorry for the situation but all the wands will be delivered eventually. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our social media accounts(FB,Twitter) or send us an email (service@maguss.org).

Yay, almost forgot. We have a surprise for you. Turn up your speakers [Image: 1f609.png];)

Until the next time,

Maguss Team.
#7 SamTheOilMan
No problems with the delay take your time to get it right, id rather have a great game i play for years than something that is novel for a couple months and then never play again.
#8 Brabbelback
(04-15-2017, 02:34 PM)SamTheOilMan Wrote: id rather have a great game i play for years than something that is novel for a couple months and then never play again.

Sure thing!
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