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No mobs at all only leafs

#1 Lenthenomeal
Am not seeing any mods of any kind the only thing shows up is the crafting resource
#2 Lilithian
Ok here, ingredients and trolls appear. Android

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#3 Dylan Michael-Allen Thomas
Darkfae says she(?) Is only seeing ingredients as well, can't find mobs. Over on discord
#4 Xweidl
When I hit level 30, all mobs disappeared for me. It has been stated before that the current spawn algorithm is level-based; did you hit level 30 Lenthenomeal? Maybe there just isnt high enough level mob ready for us?
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#5 Lenthenomeal
I was 34 when the update hit I haven't s to not mobs since the last updated that makes sense why trouble would think that the troll and treaent would be a higher lol mob
#6 zatokar
Hello guys, we will have this sorted perhaps in the next update. The reason is the spawning algorithm. It's not done correctly. What should be happening is that you should see all creatures you have seen before + some higher tier also. However now it stops spawning lower tiers because you are too high level.
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#7 dhyde79
that was something I was curious about....is that to say that if/when I hit level 50, I'll never see something under level (x)? if so, what's that cutoff? Level -20? Level -10? or is it a percentage?
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