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Closed beta release 20th december?

#1 Lilithian
Is the next release ready for the 20th closed beta? Smile

Really looking forward to it to test and play on daily basis! Although there are wipes to be expected, I was limited to use friends account to try out alpha..And Im not kind of acc sharing guy, if you know what I mean. 

Cant Wait for Lilithian to finally emerge Big Grin

Hyped up to the attic!

Void shadow assassin of Highmoon brotherhood

Achieved lvl 50 in Alpha 2.0 on 27.1.2017

Device info:
Archos 55 diamond Selfie
Android 6.0.1

Maguss - CZ FAN facebook community admin. PM me for invite Smile

#2 Dylan Michael-Allen Thomas
I know!!! 'Dragon Mage' Drukar is ready to stretch his metaphorical wings, haha
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