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Unseccessful Registration

#1 Septimus
I know a lot of people are having this issue, once they even manage to get to this point.

Currently on Android.

Will fill out all of my registration info and get the result "Unsuccessful Registration".

If the Alpha Key is mistype it comes up with a different error message so I know the key is correct.
#2 Cephiex
Same, on android
#3 Kalleina
Same here too. One plus 2 android
#4 Othala
Yeah same thing is happening to me.
#5 ThatDepressedGinger
Happening for me as well
#6 Jabrto
Ditto. Hopefully that gets fixed soon. Motorola X Play
#7 Tan Shu Zhen
Same issue here. On Android too.
#8 Robin
im getting that as well. on ios
#9 Starius
I've been away from the forum for a few weeks, but just fired up the new game update. Also getting this error on iOS. Or is my initial Alpha account still active? (I think I forgot the original password I chose.)
#10 Thrisk
How do you register in the first place? iOS here, never received the TestFlight invite email. I tried using my code in TestFlight anyways as I had it from previous testing games and it won't accept numbers in the code only letters??
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