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Alpha 2.0 Bug List - Updated for Treasure Hunt 06/27/17

#1 Memnoich
[Image: dIQ3ZLN.png]
[Image: hr74Uky.png]

NOTE: If you are experiencing the Glyph Recognition Bug, Please try and keep your phone motionless, as it had been found the gyroscopic movement causes issues with the Game not recognizing Spell Glyphs. Post Link

NOTE:Changes to the Player stats and skills systems have adjusted the requirements for levels causing players to lose levels to match the new XP requirements.

[Image: E1utDZg.png]
  • To use potions, click on potion and select 'Use' in the info box
  • To sell Items, click on the item and select sell, for multiples, use '+' or '-' or all buttons
  • You must add spells to your "Deck" before you can cast them in combat.
  • If you get the red Question marks, you will need to reinstall the game, Suggest doing so on Reliable WiFi.
  • Click on compass to change modes of map movement - Follow phone, follow finger.
  • Make sure you have the latest client.
  • Uninstall and reinstall client with every update.
  • Always try a restart first, if bug is game breaking try an uninstall and reinstall to make sure of no client corruption.
  • When attaching images please try and limit the size for those on phones. For screenshots, 300x500 works very good.
  • Use CAPITAL LETTERS when putting in the ALPHA KEY! http://forum.maguss.org/thread-399-post-...ml#pid4734
[Image: TORRkKh.png]
  • Current Known bugs
  • Fix In-Progress Items
  • Items Fixed with latest Patch
[Image: splitter.png]
[Image: GCZeJrZ.png]
#2 Memnoich
[Image: 4wmlzUI.png]
The tutorial has been disabled for the latest client, while they continue upgrading and changing the major systems.

  • Standing still Generates 'Meters Walked' for the "walk 1500m' quest. - Link
  • Credit for "Earn 400xp from ranked duels quest" can be earned from PvE. - Link
  • 'Brew Perfect Healing Potion' doesn't recognize potion creation.
Daily Rewards:
  • Dust from rewards doesn't always show in inventory. - Link
  • Daily reward progress resets after reinstalling the game
  • Key rewards occasionally don't show up in inventory.
  • Time based on Central not local time.
  • Occasionally Loops after login - Exploitable. - Link
  • Blank item in Chests - in common and rare I have picked a rune that was empty underneath, as I can't tell what it is supposed to be, I don't know if I got it, but I did not get anything 'New' into my inventory. - Post Link
  • Reloading of MOB and Herb Spawns require Client reload.
  • Assets not always loading, requiring re-installation to fix "Blurry red ?'s" - Post Link
  • Leveling acknowledgement requiring logging out and back in still - Post Links : - #1 #2
  • Leveling up message sometimes shown for other player in duel. Post Link
  • Cannot close the app using the back button, doesn't ask me if I want to quit or anything. Have to use home button.
  • Players do not gain exploration XP when moving - Link
  • No issues currently listed
  • 'Circle of Influence' has grown to be bigger then visble area of screen. - Link
  • (On android) Map seems flipped. when facing north, compass points north, but map shows you are looking south.
  • Sometimes can't click on things in circle, get "Too Far", mostly on edge of circle.
  • With Auto-Compass shows opposite direction ahead (player facing south, game orientation north) - Post Link
  • Player pointer disappears
  • Unable to see nearby players. - Link
  • FB login doesn't get past 'Loading' screen.
  • Game crashes after logging in.
  • Game occasionally opens to a 'Lv.7 Username' account. - Link
  • RANDOM WIN/LOSS - Fights getting stuck 'Waiting on other player' and end prematurely.
  • RANDOM WIN/LOSS - Reports of issues when using mirrored destiny
  • DUEL INVITE - Only show 100hp, doesn't matter the users level. - Link
  • Get duel invites before level 5. - Link
  • Can't see tier IV creatures. - Link
  • Frozen battles are unable to exit, must restart client. - Link
  • Spell 'Spirit Sting' Gives Dark Arts XP instead of Sorcery.
  • Skill 'Invocations' doesn't earn XP.
  • Spell 'Magic Shield', Invocations, gives XP unto Incantations skill
  • Spell 'Reflect', Invocations, Earns Incantations XP. - Link
  • NO XP into invocations from any spell use
  • 'Steal' doesn't redirect spells. Doesn't end after 2 rounds. - Link
  • 'Mirrored Destiny' redirects any negative or direct damage spell for 2 turns. Being exploited in PvP. - Link
  • Level 1 invocation can learn tier II  and Tier III spells except 'Mirrored Destiny', 'Fire Trap' and 'Cleanse'
  • 'Triple Slash' - if cast 5 times causes 300 dmg per round. - Link
  • Heat up, ability to overheat opponent (30/15). - Link
  • Spell 'Invocation' - Text says heals for 20hp per spell opponent casts, only heals for 10hp. - Link
  • Empower spell damage increase calculations seem to be off. - Link
  • Spell 'Vitalize' Over heals. - Link
  • Spell 'Silence' oneshots - Exploitable. - Link 
  • Spell 'Living Shadow" doesn't cause any change to HP for either party in PvE/P
  • Can't sell item if it costs more than the amount of Gold you have.
  • Can't equip 'Rebels wand' at lvl 30. - Link
  • Lvl 21 required for Tier III items. - Link
  • Multiple herbs after Tier II not spawning. - Link
  • Failing a glyph doesn't give feedback of quality bar moving. - Link
  • Tier Iv speed bean only decreased time by 1 min, not 10 mins.
  • Reported that Potions can get stuck at 00:00:00 unable to do anything but cancel potion
  • Only i bean is used in place of ingredients instead of 1 per ingredient needed.
  • Quality drops when adding beans or glyphs, even if correct
  • Issues with single Speed up bean not working. - Link
  • Spells section still in shop
  • Ability to purchase higher Tier equipment
[Image: splitter.png]
[Image: GCZeJrZ.png]
#3 Memnoich
[Image: kgyo2Vj.png]
  • Training Dummy doesn't show glyph or sparkles when practicing. - Link
  • Block potion icon missing. - Link
  • Chest overlay moves close button interactable area to far to the left, - Link
  • 2cm of the left side of the screen will not allow you to click on anything
  • Blue smoke for Magic arrow animation seems to be phone oriented, i.e. if you move the phone during the Magic Arrow cast, you can sometimes get it to come on screen from off screen.
  • Incantations Skill - Perk lists as 'Possibility to buy 'Defensive' spell from tier V.
  • Brewing Screen - Exploration potion recipe shows need for 1 Chamomile but needs 4. - Link
  • Many potions in Inventory Screen titles overlap. - Link
  • Duel Invite - Only show 100hp, doesn't matter the users level
  • Spell and equipment description for magical defense is magical deffence. - Link
  • Stat Desc - Critical power in profile page corresponds to Critical damage listed on items
  • Spell Descriptions cut off 'Witch burn' and others. - Link
  • Luck potions in store say miutes instead of minutes
[Image: splitter.png]
[Image: GCZeJrZ.png]
#4 Memnoich
[Image: FN3qvKz.png]
  • Daily rewards get stuck in loop occasionally upon login, allowing for multiple rewards.
  • 'Mirrored Destiny' reflects all spells for 2 rounds.
  • 'Triple Slash' causes up to 300 dmg if cast 5 times in a round 
  • 'Silence' oneshots
  • 'Vitalize' overheals
  • 'Heat up' ability to overheat opponent (30/15)
[Image: b2OxSFs.png]
  • Glyph failure takes too long
[Image: splitter.png]
[Image: GCZeJrZ.png]
#5 Memnoich
[Image: y1G3HRt.png]
  • Would like to see Google login, similar to FB login.
  • Ability to register FB or Google to account
  • Check FB login matches to current account
  • Account info Page
  • Android back button usable
  • Player's gold always visible on main screen
  • Creature Attractant Item(incense)
  • system status bar remains visible to view network connectivity and battery usage.
  • Move log to separate window.
  • More information from PvP/E battles in log.
  • Separate Logs into different tabs, all, system, combat
  • Separate window for Dueling
  • swipe left or right for navigation
  • Give Perk "choices". When you level a skill, give options to choose from as to which perk you get.
  • Allow for multiple item sales at same time, i.e. ingredients and potions
  • Allow sorting, sort by type(ingredient, equipment, scroll,etc...), sale price, etc..
  • Filter Inventory - ability to see only certain items or types of items (recipes, potions, beans, equip...)
  • Armory - The ability to define equipment sets and spell decks as a quick change. Allowing to predefine your PVP/PVE sets and swap them quickly.
  • Key Ring - Hold chest keys, separate from inventory slots
  • Herb Sack - Hold herbs in separate container from Inventory
  • Potion Bag - Hold potions in separate container from inventory
  • Ingredient Glyph Training
  • Decrease ability to make "Perfect" Potions, i.e. if you fail glyph, it jumps the timer to past where you would make a perfect potion, Making you having to be perfect to make a perfect potion.
  • Increase shown gold total for multiple item purchase.
  • Change sound for losing.
  • Dueling Tutorial.
  • Optimize screen use when in battle
  • Cancel Glyph button
  • Combat icons often disappear too quickly
  • More animation to battle
  • Duel mode - Ability to toggle remote duel requests on or off.
  • Pause PvE battles when a call comes in
  • Multiple Monster forms
  • Victory screens close faster, option to turn off success screens or maybe just have info as a quick 2-3 sec overlay as map loads
  • Item Drop - Make Clickable to see item info
  • swipe left or right for navigation
  • Set default spell Helper Glyph
  • Zoom Map
  • Map too hard to see in the sun.
  • Global Map PC accessible
  • View, but not gather, ingredients outside of circle of influence[/color]
  • Options to hide/filter things on map, i.e. players, ingredients(individual), Creatures (individual)
  • Ingredient overlay - Allow click through
  • Chests Items - Make Clickable to see item info.
  • Home Base to heal at, movable maybe once a week.
  • Battery Save mode - Dim screen but continue to run.
  • Public/private visibility button
  • 3 modes of play:
    • Battery saver: 2D with fake background
    • Default: 3D with fake background
    • AR: 3D with camera background
[Image: splitter.png]
[Image: GCZeJrZ.png]
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