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#1 Stoopher
How do I acquire an alpha key?
#2 Essinem
You need to buy it by backing them on their indiegogo page

#3 Lilithian
Remember to use english while posting on forum. Also refrain from posting any links to promotional websites. If you are making legit key giveaway, adress mods or devs first.

Void shadow assassin of Highmoon brotherhood

Achieved lvl 50 in Alpha 2.0 on 27.1.2017

Device info:
Archos 55 diamond Selfie
Android 6.0.1

Maguss - CZ FAN facebook community admin. PM me for invite Smile

#4 Robertosarta
I cant find my alpha key in wich part of the mail is? I think i havent recieved the key
#5 ManWitch86
Same for me. I received the TestFlight invite about an hour ago but didn't receive an alpha key and can't register in the app.

I tried the TestFlight code just in case, but to no avail.

Hopefully they're working on getting those to us now.
#6 Viserys56
The same thing has happened to me! I recieved the Testflight link but Im on Android. I am still waiting on the key. I ordered it at 5pm yesterday. It is now 7pm the day after. Please get me my key!!!
#7 Unfame
Hi. I wanna try you game.  Can you please sent me a key))) thx)  Angel For android

Key! Key! Key! I wanna play! Play! Play!))))
#8 Bleu
You get the alpha key at the beginning of next month
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