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Issues with the Wand

#31 Rivvik
Hello, All!

So in terms of the gauntlet idea: The major issue is, according to the wand info I know of, is that the button must be held for the duration of the "input" aka Gesture, and only validated upon release of the button. This would mean you would need to hold the button with one hand while moving your other arm.

However, as a strong suggestion for any wand-slinging, I suggest a toggle for the wand in which you can initiate and input with a single press, then confirm through either a second press or a set timing (Which could be adjustable based on user preference).

Example: You press the button to initiate the gesture input recording mode, and for the next three seconds, it records the motion of the wand module, with a confirmation of input after the time is up or the button is pressed a second time.

My second suggestion, which would be purely for alternative input apertures, such as gauntlets, staves, etc., would be an alternate orientation method based on accelerometers, instead of forward facing, only. With this method, instead of small, rigid flicks of the wrist, larger, more dramatic input templates could be used (think Nickelodeon's Avatar).

Example: Using the gauntlet model, mounting the device along the arm would be best for the current orientation requirement, however, as aforementioned, holding the button and moving the device would be clumsy and restrained. Even the one-press-timed method is cloddish. If the "wand" module is mounted in the palm, horizontally, a simple press of the button with an index finger could start you off.

A final idea, simply for user-based customization, could be some type of button-extension protocol. a simple usb-based override allowing the user to build/buy a button terminal attached to a micro usb (assuming the port of the wand module is micro usb), whose sole usage is to allow the user to put the button where they want on their custom aperture.

Thank you for hearing these out, and I'm really looking forward to the full release of this title!
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