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IGG Problem: CreditCard only, missing the pay with PayPal option

Hello Maguss-Board,
atm I'm experiencing some issues with IndieGoGo. Would be amazing if you could help me or give advice.

I registered at IGG and logged in, selected a perk at the maguss campaign and on the next page (payment-infos) I only got the option to pay with CreditCard (which I don' have). I still can't find the option to pay using PayPal.
I looked at the menu and profile-screen, to find a way to connect my PayPal-Acc with IGG, but couldn't find anything.
I'm from Germany, using a german-IP, however the guy in this german Youtube-Video 6:24 bought a perk using PayPal.

I wrote to the support, without any answer. Also there is no Link / no Screen / no Menu-Tab or something like that, to go back to started conversations with the support / mails written to the support.

Anyone got the same problem. Any solutions?
Pls help, I already missed the 1st February key-wave. Don't want to miss the one on 1st March. Undecided
Thank you in advance.
#2 Maguss
Hello, sadly, as of 1st of February Indiegogo no longer supports PayPal. You can read more about the reasons here: https://support.indiegogo.com/hc/en-us/a...AD-and-GBP-
Our only advice is to use a debit card instead of a credit card. We are very sorry but we can't do anything about it.
Hey, it's not your fault, so you don't have to apologise. Thanks for answering me.
However these are very bad news indeed. At least for me.
'Cause I also have no debit card, CC's and DC's  are just very uncommon in Germany.

So atm there is no other way to buy an alpha/beta key? - and support you thereby?
Official Resellers / simple Shop (not asking for an extensive version) / other Payment Providers / a Miracle?

I'm sure you guys are busy testing and fixing, so no problem at all.
(Just pls "hurry" and add some new purchase options, the game looks very interesting and I'm looking forward to test and play it.)

With kindest regards, X.
#4 zatokar
Hello Xardas, for us to be able to enable a new payment method we'd have to setup an E-shop + PayPal etc. To maintain it and prevent hackers/spammers, we'd have to invest much more resources into this than anyone would have thought. Plus you are one of a few who has this problem, most people have DCs.

However, I would like to solve this issue for you so please reach out to me at ondrej@maguss.org

Maguss Founder
#5 #16Hexxus

have you guys found a solution?

Got the same problem Sad only payment methods i could use are paypal and a regular bank transfer
#6 Therios
Me and my friends got the same problem in germany Sad we are all hyped but got no chance to buy the beta acces :// hopefully we get a chance
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