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#1 Maguss
There is a reason why you are about to become a wizard.

You are one of the bold few who chose this path and is willing to fight until the end.
And there are people who desperately need your help.
Talk to them, accept a quest and prove your character.

[Image: 6674141d55840b876e86b714685a37a6.png]

There is so many adventures out there. Try one!
#2 Lilithian
Will some quests require party of 2 and more to be completed?

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#3 Memnoich
That is the hope, that the multiplayer dungeons will either require more people, cooperation between orders, or a really high level player to make it through.
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#4 Devlin
I can't seem to be able to accept more quests (some are locked). My questbook has 4 quests in it now, of which 3 are completed, they won't go out of the questbook (and I don't know how to get them out myself (I tried asking nicely, didn't work))
#5 Maguss
Big Grin As we have already mentioned, quests are not working properly atm. First we have to fix all the main issues and then we will address the rest. Quests and player progression should be up and running in abour 3 weeks.
#6 Devlin
Ah, didn't get that memo. Thanks for your reply then!
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